Besides delivery of completed tanks, MOSTOSTALEX offer includes assembly and service works such as full recovery of steel bolted tanks of various types and applications.


We are widely recognized on the Polish market. We specialize in technology of galvanized membrane lined tanks (using EPDM and Butyle rubber liners) and glass-fused-to-steel tanks sealed in mastic system.


We offer tanks assembly with our self-manufactured elements or with elements delivered by Client. Tanks are bolted directly on the construction site. The installation includes thermal insulation, equipment installation, i.e. technology pipeworks, valve fittings and other necessary ancillaries.


Assembly includes supervision of delivery and unloading of the elements together with quantity and quality check. After erection has been finished, we assure waterproofness test and start-up of the tanks. We offer maintenance training for employees of the tank user.


We service and repair tanks of various types and from manufacturers. We fix leaks and valve fittings faults. We prepare a delivery and replacement of equipment (e.g. immersion heaters). We modernize tanks technology - e.g. self-supporting roofs, additional pipe connections. We provide also much more complex operations such as tank sealing system repair or replacement.


We have several assembly teams, which guarantees that our services are always prompt. We offer tanks installation at many construction sites simultaneously. We render our services in any locality at home and abroad.


MOSTOSTALEX also specializes in constructing steel structures. Our offer includes design, manufacture and erection of light steel halls and other steel structures.


We guarantee complex and professional service.

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